About the Project | Greenbelt Landing

In 2016, the City of Clive adopted the Greenbelt Master Plan. This document was the result of eighteen months of extensive public and stakeholder input, and provides for a road map to manage and enhance the Clive Greenbelt over the next 20+ years. 

The Greenbelt Master Plan identified three key projects to build momentum and serve as catalysts for the overall improvement of the Clive Greenbelt.  These three projects are known as the Greenbelt Triad and Greenbelt Landing is the first major construction project to move forward as a result of this plan. 

This area was chosen as the priority project due to the high use this area experiences each year.  The area is home to the Clive Aquatic Center, Clive Special Events Building, festival grounds and trailhead for the Clive Greenbelt Trail.

Project Details

  • Updating and renovating the special events building.
  • Adding a performance space/pond overlook area.
  • Enlarging the existing pond.
  • Improving vehicular and pedestrian flow with parking lot redesign.
  • Constructing aesthetically pleasing flood protection for the aquatic center.
  • Improving pedestrian cross access and trail connections between city hall/public library and aquatic center.
  • Developing stormwater management.
  • Enhancing Walnut Creek through integration of in-stream and streambank stabilization.
  • Increasing access to Walnut Creek to provide active engagement and experiential learning opportunities.

The total cost of this project has been estimated at $9,000,000 and will be constructed over two phases.  Phase 1 will be a $5,500,000 project that includes the special events building, wetland walk, parking lot modifications, Walnut Creek stream bank improvements and a storm water wetland and other stormwater management facilities.  The City has budgeted $3,000,000 for Phase 1, working to secure $1,750,000 in grant funding and $1,250,000 in private donations to complete Phase 1. Construction of phase 1 is estimated to start in the spring of 2022 and be completed by the fall of 2022.  


This capital campaign is made possible by the following generous community members who are giving of their time, energy and talents as volunteers on the Clive Campaign Cabinet:

• Bob Brownell, Polk County Supervisor
• Jenna Brownell
• Scott Cirksena, Mayor of Clive
• Jane Fogg
• Bob Forte
• Katie Hall
• Ruth Heitoff
• Susan Judkins, Clive City Councilmember
• Jill Miller
• Colleen Powell
• Keaton Pulver
• Carole Reichardt
• Jennifer Rhuppiah
• Terry Rich
• John Rigler III
• Samuel Schone
• Nathan Stelter
• Mark Tauscheck
• Jacyln Taylor
• Kevin Waetke
• Russel Vannorsdel
• Ted Weaver, Clive City Councilmember
• Bethany Wilcoxon
• Misty Wittern

For more information or to donate to the Clive Greenbelt Landing, contact Jen Cross, Vice President of Donor Relations, at jen@greatoutdoorsfoundation.org or (515) 452-0022.