athene North Shore recreation area

The most accessible, equitable waterfront in Iowa – maybe even America – is coming to Des Moines. And it will be amazing. This will be a true hub of activity, bringing together people of all ages and abilities to swim, fish, boat and simply play on their own terms.

By making a donation today, you will extend this mission. Dollars committed to the North Shore campaign through the end of 2022 will be dedicated to creating programs that are tailored to the needs of people with physical or mental disabilities. Funds will purchase specialty equipment that allows everyone to access the water and wildlife. Your support will facilitate training so all staff know how to effectively serve North Shore visitors with a wide ranging abilities and needs. 

“Easter Lake is a hidden jewel in Central Iowa, and the North Shore Project will not only draw attention to the lake, but more importantly encourage and support physical activity for all community members. Accessibility improvements will assure that all adaptive needs are met with a special emphasis on supporting veteran’s programs.”