Business Record: West Des Moines Receives MidAmerican Grant to Establish ICON Site at Raccoon River

West Des Moines receives MidAmerican grant to establish ICON site at Raccoon River
The MidAmerican Energy Regional Fund, a $5 million investment in ICON Water Trails, awarded its $125,000 fall grant to the city of West Des Moines to establish access to the Raccoon River, directly south of Valley Junction, within the 35-acre Raccoon River Greenway. “The city of West Des Moines’ project truly embodies the connectivity that’s at the core of ICON Water Trails,” Hannah Inman, chief executive officer of the Great Outdoors Foundation, said in a news release. “The MidAmerican Energy Fund continues to maximize existing momentum and accelerate the strategy behind ICON to deliver measurable benefits throughout our community.”

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