2023 World Conservation Day

World Conservation Day is a global occasion to bring awareness about the urgent need to protect and preserve our environment. To this day, it emphasizes how important it is to steward natural resources in order to preserve a stable and healthy world for us and future generations. It’s a day to be inspired to take action toward sustainable living and an opportunity for all of us to come together and make a difference.

2023 Theme

The theme of World Nature Conservation Day 2023 is “Forests and Livelihoods: Sustaining People and Planet.” The oxygen we breathe is produced primarily by forests across the earth. Without them, our livelihood would drastically change. Clean air, clean water, habitats, and climate change would be largely at risk. Take a walk in a park and you notice all of the trees and life surrounding them. That’s a prime example of Mother Nature sustaining us. If we are kind to her, she’ll be kind to us.

Take Action

It’s not the sole responsibility of the government and corporations to save the environment. The diligent contributions of each one of us will make a way forward. Everyone can participate and work for the conservation of nature. There are many ways to contribute, but here are just a few:

  • Purchase biodegradable and reusable products as much as possible and always try to recycle them.
  • Reduce the consumption of water.
  • Reduce the use of electricity.
  • Plant trees to mitigate carbon and prevent soil erosion.
  • Use alternative energy such as solar and wind energy.
  • Promote and practice consumption of homegrown organic fruits and vegetables and compost to avoid waste.
  • Avoid using plastic bags; instead, use paper bags or cloth bags. Moreover, reuse the already-bought bags.
  • Use rechargeable batteries.
  • Educate yourself about conservation of nature, environment, and energy.
  • Donate to the Great Outdoors Foundation, a leader in conservation.

Conservation Credits

Improve your carbon footprint by purchasing Conservation Credits and feel good about your part in conserving our natural resources. This is a direct-to-consumer method of carbon offsetting that makes altering your carbon footprint even easier without having to make drastic life changes. Leave an impact, not your footprint. Purchase Conservation Credits at the Great Outdoors Foundation

World Conservation Day may only happen once a year, but we all can work daily to steward and invest in our natural resources. To learn more about how the Great Outdoors Foundation is advancing conservation, click here.

About the Author: Michelle Buboltz is the Great Outdoors Foundation’s Marketing & Communications Manager. She has extensive communications, project management, and operations experience and has been with GOF since 2021. Michelle has two kittens and enjoys spending time outside — with a cold beer on a patio!

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