Tiny Seeds, Big Change – A Social Distancing Earth Day Celebration

In partnership with Polk County Conservation and Canoyer Gardens,
the Great Outdoors Foundation is selling seed balls kits for $15 in
celebration of Earth Day!

Why Seed Ball Kits?

Seed balls encourage users to give back to nature and teach children the benefits of seed balls in the outdoors. Planting is satisfying, but hard work. You have to dig holes, weed, water and prune – and most importantly, you need permission to cultivate the land. But with seed balls, all you have to do is make them and throw! With Earth Day consisting of “digital” efforts this year, this is a way families can give back to the outdoors in their own yards, while having a little fun.

What Exactly Are Seed Balls?

Seed balls are another form of seed dispersal – an efficient way of deliberately dispersing seeds by being considerate of wildlife and natural habitats. They also provide the accuracy needed to get the plants to where you want them to grow. The risk of damage to the seeds is minimized due to the clay, that makes it hard enough not to break when it hits the ground, especially if you “throw” them. It also offers protection from harsh weather conditions and seedeaters such as mice and birds. Apart from the fact that they are fun to make, it’s exciting when you see the first shoot come through!

The Details

There are only 200 seed ball kits available! So make sure to purchase yours soon. The price per seed ball kit is $15. All proceeds benefit the Great Outdoors Foundation and Polk County Conservation.

The seed ball kits contain the following types of seeds: little bluestem, big bluestem, Indian grass, stiff goldenrod, RH bush clover, yellow coneflower, cinquefoil, saw-tooth sunflower, switch grass, Canada wild rye and rough drop seed.


The Great Outdoors Foundation team will deliver the Seed Ball kits beginning on April 22nd, practicing safe social distancing and contact-free delivery. 

Each seed bomb is packaged practicing safe CDC guidelines and includes an instruction post card. Recipients of the seed bombs are encouraged to “throw” the seed bombs in specific areas of parks or in their yards, and watch them grow!

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