90% of Clive residents consider the Greenbelt to be a high-quality asset to the community. This is why we are working with the City of Clive to help them develop and execute the Greenbelt Master Plan.


Clive is a premier community to live, play, and raise a family. Residents consistently give our community the highest marks for safety, care for natural and open spaces, and value for taxes paid. Our central location in the Des Moines metro creates easy access to work, world class art and culture, and exceptional schools. And thousands of people have great experiences on the Clive Greenbelt Trail throughout the year.



  • More than 2/3 use the greenbelt for exercise

  • 76% support restoring natural areas

  • 90% consider the greenbelt an asset to the community


Clive’s Social Center, Recreation Corridor, and Regional Resource.

The Mission

Engage Stakeholders, Sustain Community and Natural Health



  • Replace the existing Porter Shelter with a new, comparable experience to meet the needs of the neighborhood, yet accessible to the community – not too big, not too small.
  • Consider flooding and its impact on the environment – ensure the new shelter is located outside of the floodway and above the 50 year floodplain.
  • Create a destination that connects users to the greenbelt, provides opportunities for learning and small family gatherings.
  • Connect visitors to the natural environment – including Walnut Creek and the Greenbelt’s natural areas.

Campbell Park Trail BridgE

  • Create a signature destination within the Greenbelt; create an icon that can be experienced and observed from multiple vantage points along the trail or from Campbell Park. 
  • Create an interactive experience that uses lighting – lighting responds to the user. 

  • Integrate the Greenbelt’s theme of the “oxbows” to reinforce the Greenbelt’s brand. 

  • Stabilize Walnut Creek’s banks providing opportunities for people to touch and interact with the stream. 

  • Create places for people to gather, reflect and enjoy the Greenbelt’s beauty. Create a safe landing spot for people to linger on the bridge away from bike traffic on the main trail / bridge deck.

“This isn’t something every community or region has. It’s a huge opportunity to play up a place where businesses want to locate, a place where families want to move, a huge asset that could be explored.”

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