Nature’s Constant

The Great Outdoors Foundation, in partnership with Pingora Outdoors and Active Endeavors, launched the Nature’s Constant social media campaign to promote the outdoors & shopping local, encouraging Iowans to practice safe social distancing while engaging in nature.

The Nature’s Constant social media campaign, encourages Iowans to head outside and interact with nature during this difficult time. While practicing safe social distancing, groups under 10 and following CDC’s guidance on personal hygiene, the Great Outdoors Foundation urges social media users to get outside, recreate and check out a new outdoor space every day. They have partnered with Pingora Outdoors and Active Endeavors to create social media posts, urging users to shop locally online at the same time. After March 31st, a random user that has participated in the contest, liked the Great Outdoors Foundation, Pingora Outdoors and Active Endeavors social media pages, utilized the hashtag #naturesconstant, will be selected and receive a $100 gift card to both Pingora and Active Endeavors.

“We realize just how constant nature is during this difficult time. Research shows that being outside and engaging with nature has health benefits both mentally and physically,” says Hannah Inman, CEO of the Great Outdoors Foundation. “While partnering with Pingora Outdoors and Active Endeavors, people have an incentive to get outside and enjoy the outdoors, while practicing safe social distancing habits. We want to encourage the community to take advantage of our beautiful outdoors here in Central Iowa, while helping our local retailers receive business.”

“The outdoors is NOT closed and we want to encourage you to get outside, explore the great outdoors and share your experiences with us,” says Dominic Keeling, CEO/Founder of Pingora Outdoors. “Our online store will continue to operate at full capacity and we will ship to you as quickly as possible. If you are local, we will arrange a pick up. We are calling on our community to support local right now, whether you need new gear from us or tell a friend about Pingora, we want to encourage you to go support as many small businesses as possible. We are the shops that sponsor all your favorite races and help promote events and programs in the community, now we need others, like the Great Outdoors Foundation, to promote us.”

“We have all of the sudden found ourselves tasked with being socially distant,” says Jason Juehring, Owner, Active Endeavors. “There’s no better time to get outside and explore this big, beautiful playground that Mother Nature has created for us. Please enjoy this time with you family and friends and keep each other safe.”

Each day, users are encouraged to get outdoors, engage with nature, tag the Great Outdoors Foundation, Pingora Outdoors and Active Endeavors in their post, while using the hashtag #naturescontant. At the end of the contest (March 31st), a user will be selected at random, that has liked all three organizations on social media and utilized the appropriate hashtag, will receive a $100 gift card to both Pingora Outdoors and Active Endeavors. A second random user will be selected and will receive a $50 gift card to both Pingora Outdoors and Active Endeavors.

To engage in the appropriate behavior, do not use parks or trails if you are exhibiting symptoms, follow CDC’s guidance on personal hygiene prior to visiting parks or trails, be prepared for limited access to public restrooms or water fountains, share the trails and warn other trail users of your presence and as you pass and of course, observe CDC’s minimum recommended social distancing of 6’ from other persons at all times.

“We recognize at this time a need for people to feel uplifted and positive. Through nature and outdoors, collaboration and community engagement, even through social distancing, we can make that happen,” says Inman.

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